Jonathon Towle

I feel like Annette actually fell from the sky and landed in my lap as an actual ANGEL. I was so impressed with her podcast and free resources that she offered to the world that I reached out in hopes that she would be interested in working with me on a new subcontractor contract that I was working on for my business. From our first conversation, (which was a free by the way) she immediately dove deeper & to a more emotional level than any other lawyer I have ever interacted with. She immediately starting asking me really thought-provoking questions about my business, my life & my direction. I admired that greatly because it showed me she was actually interested & invested in not only landing a deal but INVESTED in my business growing as well. When it came down to the choice between her and another boring suit who wasn’t actually invested in me, the choice was a NO BRAINER!!! The actual contract I received was well thought out, tailored for my business, and she also took time to explain every term of the contract to me in detail. I cannot thank Annette enough, for her zest for life & our heartfelt conversations. I expect many years of working with her on as many projects as I can think of!!!

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