3 Strategies for Hitting Your Year-End Goals

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Back to school time! But it’s also a busy time because I think we have our heads in 2019 already. We start thinking about what’s coming up next year and how the heck we’re going to meet our year-end goals to finish off this year right.

If you’re trying to negotiate your goals because you don’t want to do the work or you feel like your goals aren’t reachable, I want you to shift your mindset. There are three big (but simple) things I do to help reach my goals–little tweaks on some of the popular methods. In this episode, I’m breaking down how I set myself up for success during this busy season of the year. And I’m even sharing a rather unusual makeup that I have to my business’s board of directors. Some big names may or may not have a big role in my success, unbeknownst to them!

Listen to this episode, then hop over to Instagram and share with me what strategies work for you!


  •  How your support system is integral in your business success

  • Why 2-week sprints don’t work for me, and what I do instead

  • How you can combat Parkinson’s Law

  • How to tap into your future self to start being that person today