Ryan Zynger

I am super happy about my decision to work with Annette to create a custom contract for my company. When I fist started my business, and for the first 9 years in practice, I had been using a contract that download from google, and adjusted as needed for my clients. Quite honestly, I don’t think that the contract was even meant for what I was using it for – planning events. After sending her a copy of my contract – it was quite clear to be that I needed to spend some time and resources to ensure that I was up to date and more importantly, protecting my business. Annette was able to meet with me and come up with a custom contract that is specific to the way we do business. I am not a lawyer, and don’t want to be, but, now I feel like I have someone on my side that is able to help ensure that I am making the correct decisions based on explaining what the contract means (in non lawyer english) and help to educate me on the issues as they come up. We often work with clients that have legal teams that review contracts and ask for updates and changes and with Annette’s input, I feel confident in the decisions that I make and weather to accept changes presented and/or decline them based on the information that Annette is able to explain in a way that I understand. Initially, I was worried that using a contract lawyer would be expensive and unnecessary, but now, I know it was a smart business decision and something that makes me feel confident and is an issues that I can take off of my “worry list” as I know that we are golden.

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