Britt Seva

I first heard of Annette when I was listening to another industry influencers podcast. I was immediately drawn to her because she’s like the perfect balance of professionalism and creative boss-babe. I had been running my business in total startup mode (copying other online influencers terms, praying nobody ever stole my content, you know the story) and when I was ready to really get serious and protect myself, I knew Annette was my go-to attorney.

Annette has since helped me to trademark my brand, customize and correct my Terms & Privacy Policy, create legal contracts for my live events and most recently helped with a perfectly executed cease and desist. She’s like my secret weapon and I have so much peace of mind that my legal house is in order.

Investing in Annette is the single best investment I made this year and I’ll continue to make this investment in the years to come.

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